Friday, August 27, 2004

Life Is A Glorified Bell Curve

I saw the Liberty Bell in the United States the other day and it suddenly reminded me of a Bell Curve and Life in general. Let’s see!! Most of us start out as a particle in a sack of water with three square meals a day and the garbage is taken out for us. We float in water which has got to be a pretty neat existence. Finally our little particle becomes a collection of particles in a three dimensional container or in other words a body. As usual in life, people and /or events aren’t satisfied to leave well enough alone and start stirring the pot as in Nature Abhors A Vacuum . The next thing we know our water tank has sprung a leak and some clown has grabbed our softest and most vulnerable part being the head with a pair of monstrous clamps. I suspect this is the basis of men in later life talking about someone grabbing and twisting their balls in some business situation and the ladies getting hot and bothered about breast pulling / fondling / touching. Anyway back to the subject at hand. You are born into a room that isn’t as hot as the one you left. No wonder you want to close your eyes, and cry. Most of us still do it when we can't believe it’s happening to us. The first stage of climbing the Bell Curve is the Accumulation stage. This involves, in the early stages, eating, drinking and pooping into the environment. Next comes learning at school, selecting a mate, career, accumulation of wealth, possessions, friends, ideas, dreams, business mentors. The next and shortest section is what I call "Over The Top." Your job is out sourced, you are unemployable due to perceived obsolescence, sex goes out the door, and your wife / husband leaves you to find herself / himself. The final section is the "Slide". Your body starts to droop, your possession’s importance is proportional to function. You start to notice that a whole lot of people are dying in your age group. Finally it dawns on you that you are getting close to "Out The Proverbial Door" Time. At this stage, you start to wonder if there is an after life. If you believe in God back to the Bible and some heavy thinking. If you don’t believe in God can you afford to take a chance?? I have a recurring dream in which I have died and suddenly I’m in front of God who says "Surprise, I do exist!!!


The Mountain Girl News said...

You have encapsulated life and living in these modern times down to one Blog entry. I'm amazed.

Saturdays are still open if you're interested.

I would also like to thank you for your words on my Blog. I think I needed to read them, especially today of all days for some reason. Not feeling quite like the world is really creeping me out. Thanks.

The Mountain Girl News said...

You have encapsulated life and living in these modern times into one simple Blog entry. I applaude you. You know, wouldn't it be strange to meet God and find He has this whimsical "gotcha" smile on His face with your words coming out of His mouth? I found it very humorous, and slightly disturbing for some reason.

Thank you ever so much for your comments on my Blog about grief and grieving. I may have to look up those five stages and see exactly where I am in them. At least today doesn't feel creepy. Thanks.