Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Universe

The universe consists of particles / objects and events which we experience in everyday living. We are the particles. The objects are the physical things that we see every day. The events are the things that happen to us good or bad. Behind us, holding things together, are the strings, dark matter, dark energy and dark force. The strings are gravity, space, and time. Space strings are the dark matter. Time strings are the dark force. Gravity strings are the dark energy. The space strings, as dark matter, hold the contents of the universe in place by providing extra unseen mass and by flexing to keep everything in orbit and from bumping into each other more than usual by providing paths. The Time strings are the dark force which combines with the space string or dark matter which is the basis of Einstein’s Space - Time and Relativity Theory. The time string, as dark force, also keeps the universe expanding and balances the gravity string. The gravity strings, as dark energy, holds everything in place. We see gravity strings as gravity or inertia just before we get something to move, accelerate or change in some way. Time strings. as dark force, causes everything to move, accelerate or change in some way which we measure in terms of physical time.

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