Saturday, February 28, 2009

After Relativity - What???

The universe consists of particles / objects / events, strings, and frames. Physics first recognized particles / objects / events when it explained the universe in terms of mechanics. The discovery of electricity brought in the discussion of fields but this was a branch of particles / objects / events. Einstein advanced physics in his discussion of relativity which involved particles / objects / events in frames and how particles which are really you and me and how we related to objects / events in a frame and how we related to objects / events outside a frame when the frames were stationary and moving relative to each other, hence the Theory Of Relativity. The third leg of the stool is strings. Strings are all over the place. In religion, we speak of God knowing all and being everywhere at once. One infinitely long and wide string holding everything together. I believe God exists simply because this universe is too complicated to have happened randomly even though we have evolution now. Your and my life is basically concerned with fitting things together either physically or mentally. This is building strings. We are concerned with building partnerships / finding love / building careers which is really building strings by another name. We speak of finding the path to success which is strings again. Chemistry is mostly about bonds which are strings again. Light is both a particle or a wave. A wave is a vibrating string. String operating vertically is gravity. String operating horizontally is time. String which is stretchable and curves is space. If a string has frequency it has a property which we see as objects / particles / characteristics such as charisma and likeability. If a string stretches or shrinks it changes its’ frequency which we see as red and blue shifts. If a string is accelerating we see it as a dark matter force. If a string has a velocity we experience it as dark matter energy. Occasionally, strings will form a particle / object with a tail. That particle / object vibrates at a frequency which we see as life / characteristics. The vibrating particle / object gives off energy which affects its’ surroundings. This effect is charisma. A string can also be a physical particle / object building or an event which happens out of the blue. A string can form frames which we see as dimensions including time. A string can form dimensions which we can’t see but can experience in the form of quantum effects when strings as objects appear out of nowhere and leave trails which are characteristic of a particle / object. The same equivalent effect occurs in our dimension when someone leaves a mess or an particle / object collapses. String as time can also stretch or curve on a random basis. We experience stretched string time as a hardship as in waiting for someone or as a task which is annoying. Curved string time is experienced by us as something pleasant which is far too short. Strings are the third leg of the stool. Hence, The Theory Of Strings.

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