Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flexing Time, Space & Gravity Strings

The universe consists of particles / objects, strings, and frames. Gravity, space, and time are all strings in our universe. If we could flex strings a lot of interesting things would happen. If we could flex gravity, space, and time strings we could travel in Black Holes since there would be no danger of our being injured short of a power failure. If you flexed gravity strings, you could travel indefinitely since gravity would never slow you down. If you developed a gravity engine which could focus on gravity strings using them for power you could accelerate indefinitely. If you could flex space, time, gravity strings at the same time as using the gravity engine you could accelerate indefinitely into other dimensons as space and time would have no effect on us as we traveled. The ability to flex time strings is the most fascinating. You could travel back and forth in time which brings up a perennial question. Can you can alter your existence by changing the past or as they like to say killing your ancestors??? I see it as three possibilities.

They are:

If you return to the past, everything you see and everyone you meet is a an abstraction of their existence in their own frame at that former time and that existence or frame can be seen but not altered because it’s no longer in your dimension or frame of existence.

If you return to the past and wipe it out, you also wipe out yourself, as you are the future of that existence.

If you wipe out the past, you can’t return to your specific future, as you have also destroyed the future time lines emanating from that past.

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