Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Theory Of Everything

This universe is organized into particles / objects, strings and frames. Particles / objects are physical things that you and I can see and touch. Frames are concerned with the Theory Of Relativity when frames are either stationary or moving / changing relative to each other. Strings are the forces, time and space which we experience in various forms in our day to day activities. Strings functioning as gravity are slightly different because the strings also keep other dimensions in place which we can’t see / experience. This means that strings functioning as gravity are substantially weaker when compared to strings functioning as forces, time and space confined to our dimensions. Each particle / object which includes us and mathematics have an associated string. If we are stationary, our string tends to hold us in place and this holding in place we call gravity. If we start to move, our string starts to change from a primarily gravity function to one giving us a path / energy to travel. The faster we travel up to the speed of light, the more we convert from a particle / object into a string. At the speed of light we become a complete string. Velocity in terms of our string is the uniform change in the position of our string. Acceleration in terms of our string is the increasing / decreasing changes in the position of our string . The space in which we travel is made up of layered strings which we experience as a sheet of space. The forces which we experience on ourselves or apply to others is really the vibrations of our personal strings or the vibrations of our personal strings on others. Events which we experience are caused by our strings disturbing strings of space and time which we may see as beneficial happenings or not so beneficial happenings. The vibrations of strings are seen by us as properties of particles / objects which define them and allow us to interact with particles / objects in different ways. Chemistry and metallurgy is an example of the use of vibrating strings to create other particles / objects through bonds which are strings by another name. Strings on a nuclear basis are the strong and weak nuclear forces. If a particle / object moves through string space, the particle / objects strings tend to pull string space out of alignment causing string space to warp which we experience as orbits or paths. The vibration of strings also cause other strings to vibrate which we call fields. Electromagnetism, radiation and communication are examples of controlled or uncontrolled string vibrations to convey benefits, havoc or information. Since strings are also time and space, everything everywhere is instantaneous in time and distance although we, as particles / objects don’t experience it that way due to the delay in translating strings into reality we can experience.

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