Sunday, June 03, 2007


I’ve always been fascinated about how things work. Over the years I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that whomever designed this universe in terms of my ability to understand what’s happening is immensely clever and that if I thought long and hard about it perhaps she would give me some clues. I use the term "she" because a woman is the closest entity that I know that is most like God for lack of a better term. I realize that women have been the butt of jokes over the centuries but if you dissect a woman’s characteristics, a woman is the closest living entity to the characteristics of God that we have on earth. A woman is clever than a man, insightful, and won’t take b**ls**t very long unless she is in love. God has the same characteristics. A man on the other hand is predominantly full of b**ls**t for all intense and purposes. You have plenty of examples of historical men that have been full of b**ls**t and have not realized it and have given the world a gigantic headache in the process. There may be exceptions because nothing in this universe is 100%. Anyway if you look at life in terms of its’ fundamental workings you will soon realize that what I’ve posted has merit if not elusive truth!!!

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