Thursday, June 07, 2007

Life’s Weird

I don’t know about you guys and gals but sometimes life is weird. Women are considered to be sensitive and men aren’t considered to be sensitive. Of course, nothing is 100%, so naturally a minority of women are insensitive and a minority of men are sensitive. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m sensitive in the sense that I can pick up impressions of people without asking them a lot of questions. If you are a sensitive man or woman sometimes you pass someone on the street, who you will never meet socially / casually again for reasons that may be evident and not so evident. At that moment in time you feel a great affinity for that individual and if the dice of life had rolled differently, you might have fallen in love, married them, and lived happily ever after. Yeah, I know I sound nuts, however, if it has ever happened to you, you know it’s true. If it hasn’t happened yet, then someday it might. I must also admit that I’m not terribly romantic even though I’m sensitive and definitely wouldn’t be caught dead reading a poetry book. The weird part is that while tooling through the Internet I came across a lady’s blog which she had devoted to poetry. One of her poems was a lament on a love affair that had gone sour. At that moment in time, I discovered that I have the ability to take someone else’s poem, and using their words with a few additions of my own completely rewrite it for another purpose and call it something else. I definitely don’t have the ability to write poetry from scratch so this may be the last one you will ever see from me. So here, my readers is a poem dedicated to all those times you stumble across momentary love.


A glimpse of me

A glimpse of you

Nothing said

My silent moment

Your silent moment

Things I dreamt about

Suddenly unraveled

Suddenly spent

All beautiful scenes

Scenes of others


No flash

No drums

No thought

No regrets

Suddenly changed

He knows me

But I’m enigma

SurelyI cannot be explained

I cannot be known

Where heart ????

Now shown

Soul on fire

He, my desire

Too late

Now eternal

No others




Eternal belief



No longer alone


Hearts speak


Hearts embrace

No introduction

But One



No doubt

No ponder

All love


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