Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Common Sense

Common Sense is very close to Trust. If you don’t know what or whom to trust then how can you have common sense????? Common sense and the unknown tells you to leave it alone. On the other hand, if you don’t venture forth then how do you make any progress???? Unfortunately the universe cycles through order, chaos and redemption / restoration. So, my readers, whoever / whatever designed / set up this universe has put us under pressure to make a decision no matter what. Sure you can procrastinate and all of us enjoy doing it. Some of us even call it thinking and reviewing the facts. To add to the fun we have conditioning or as some would say a whole series of knee jerk reactions. Trust is our natural state of life. If you don’t trust that such and such is so, then nothing is done with any speed. For instance, if you’re driving and a car crosses the line and heads straight towards you, you trust that your eyes and brain aren’t lying to you!!! In less crucial situations most of us take trust and marinate it in fear. Fear of the future. Fear of mistakes. Fear of loosing what you’ve accumulated. Our ego, which is our mental image of ourselves, puts in it’s 2 cents. Should we, shouldn’t we, what if, etc.…. What is, is that we live in Slices Of Now. Past is prologue and memories, never to become reality except in Mind. Future is probabilities / guess work / might bee’s / what ifs. Unfortunately, never accurate in detail but full of unfulfilled motherhood statements like "I want to be successful." The downside of " I want to be successful" is that our feverish wish may be granted, but in something we never intended like being poor. And then there is love and the old trust thingy!!! A lot of people don't trust falling in love because they fear losing control to someone else so they compromise. Ain’t life fun?????

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