Monday, October 09, 2006

Mind, Self, Reality

Mind, Self and Reality are the three cornerstones of our existence in three dimensions. Spirituality takes the form of energy in three dimensions. Our task for existence in this world is to control energy through Mind. That is why we must always think positive thoughts because this universe cycles through order, chaos and restoration. Positive thoughts bring order and restore order. Positive thoughts can delay the eventuality of chaos. Chaos’s chief function is to bring us closer to Spirituality and The Second Lady. Mind interprets the universe and stores its’ observations and experience in memory. Mind uses experience, observation and probabilities to create Reality. There’re all kinds of examples of what happens if Mind can’t function normally. Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia are prime examples of this phenomena. You and I appear consistent to most people because they have the ability to interpret us in a common Reality. You and I are communication machines. We must send out a consistent message in terms of energy beams. People interpret that energy or karma / charisma using their Mind as a receiver. You and I appear different, to different people because being Real depends on their ability to receive / interpret us through the White Noise or interference’s in life!!!!

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