Tuesday, October 24, 2006


For a really good flirt you have to find a lady that bullshits and has humor and like you, is willing to push the envelope. Some ladies have significant others, so one of the rules for a good flirt is to not interfere with a significant other relationship. Another good rule is to flirt with someone who is geographically distant from you so there is no temptation to go see them and create a lot of problems. Each side of the flirt has a duty to protect the other from doing something stupid which takes some doing because you don’t want to confuse reality with illusion. I find that although two flirters may have different life experiences the basic principles are the same and that’s the aspect that fascinates flirters. Flirting requires that you massage each other’s egos so find something that interests them and listen really well. It also helps if both flirters have a genuine interest in people and would like to know what makes people "tick". Most women have a innate ability to flirt. Most women, if they are potentially interested in a man, will send out signals that indicate an "interest" but not enough of an interest that it will cause mental anguish / problems to them. The signal for interpretation by the target (male) is basically on the line of "Did I actually see, what I thought I saw?????" Flirting is a developed skill and like all skills you have to keep it up. Essentially, a good flirt involves flitting about and enjoying yourself without having a hard landing called reality!!!!!

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