Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Thoughts are more than memories. Thoughts can change the future. The Second Lady can take your thoughts and turn them into reality. She works in many ways. She may use your friends, complete strangers or seemingly unconnected events. She may forewarn you that something unique is about to happen through your dreams. It is, usually, a mild unsettling feeling that you can’t quite get out of your mind no matter how hard you try. It flows over your whole Being. You suddenly realize that for some unaccountable reason your whole Being is about to be rewritten. Who and what you are is about to be changed. You are free to reach out and become One.


shyloh said...

Thoughts are very important. They do change the future. Thoughts the "ego" mind can destroy if we are not careful. I guess it's best to not think at all ha.


Jane said...

I have been neglectful lately... I think your Second Lady might have stepped in on this one.

Thank you ;)