Friday, November 18, 2005

Seasons & Reasons

All of us meet people. Sometimes they turn out to be friends, lovers, and if you’re really cookin’ soulmates. It’s something like the changing seasons. They come, they go and they (sometimes) return. People may enter your space stage right and exit stage left because you and they have a minor part in some unknown onlooker’s life. Some people enter your life because you raised a question or made an off the cuff suggestion that The Second Lady has picked up on. You may even have asked for help and then forgotten about it. Maybe you have met someone because they have a need which is unknown to you, but when the rubber has to hit the road you’ve got the answer. Sometimes the newly minted person in your life brings personal growth or just makes you laugh. Others just make you feel good. Some make you happy no matter what your mood. Sometimes The Second Lady brings you into someone else’s life and smoothes the path for some indiscernible reason which may or may not be revealed far into the future. If you have been drafted by The Second Lady never forget it is a privilege to enter someone’s life in any meaningful way. You’re only there to give, assist, and help and not to run their life. Sometimes you don’t know why you’re there and if you are really lucky The Second Lady is guiding you along a mysterious, irrational, and illogical path . All you have to do is to keep the faith, trust implicitly , be alert, watch the stones, and not fall off . There are no foreseeable rewards but the future compensation could be infinite. It’s tough work, but others before you have tread the same path.


shyloh said...

This is such a great post. I keep reading it over and over again.

Jane said...

Agree with Shyloh.

It gives me hope.

temppixie said...

I feel I have been truely blessed, but the question I need to ask, ( not sure if there is an answer?)
Can we have more than one soul mate?
And no I'n not a chef!