Friday, May 27, 2005

So What’s The Plot ????

Why are you here when it’s all said and done??? What’s your purpose / function in the scheme of things?? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution???? If your life is preordained even though you have Freedom Of Choice then what’s the plot???? If you accept God into your life, then what does he / she want you to do??? God doesn’t exactly give you a daily itinerary / briefing because he / she gave you a brain to figure things out and ears to listen. God has also arranged to have a holy book assembled which contains story hints and commandment instructions. God has arranged for men / women to give sermons / advice, to guide us when things get out of kilter. God has given you Freedom Of Choice for the minor issues / inconsequential things providing you do the major stuff for him. There’s also good Consequences if you get it right and bad Consequences if you get off kilter. There’s also an element of Randomness to relieve boredom. Sounds simple in principle providing you listen / think!!!! So let’s get with the program!!!

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