Saturday, May 21, 2005

Just Keep The Faith Baby

I’ve a theory that God has organized this universe on the number 3. I don’t know why he / she did it but I suspect that he / she thought that most people had the ability to count to 3. I realize that nothing in this world is 100% so the remainder, like me, have to "Just Keep The Faith". I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m one that can’t take any chances. That’s the reason I’ve accepted God into my life. For instance, in our 3 dimensional world we have 3 conditions, Randomness, Order, and Chaos. Randomness or its’ handmaiden Random chance is something that happens out of the Blue, when you’re minding your P’s and Q’s, and whacks you on the side of the head. Occasionally Random Chance will play with you, and even run you around a little bit before letting go. Sometimes it will even take a bite out of your ass. Order is something we all understand. Most things that we eat, drink, walk on, use, are completely reliable or never change as long as we pay attention to the "Before Date". Chaos is something we cope with every day. Things fall apart, get old, don’t work, fall off, don’t perform like boy friends, girl friends, managers, career, dreams etc.. Anyway, you get the picture. Since I’ve accepted God into my life I’ve had to watch that I don’t annoy him / her. This "watching" has become paranoia!! For instance am I doing things for the right reasons??? To add to my difficulty God doesn’t give me a plan for the day. His / her basic attitude, is "I gave you a brain, so use it!!" Like why am I writing this post. To show off??? Take a chance at annoying God??? Who knows??? Most of the time I just do "things". Like man, I’m on automatic pilot!! Maybe I’m helping God accomplish something by writing this post. Unfortunately, he / she never discusses anything with me before putting some plan into gear. I think I’m just a Private in God’s army. I signed up for something and even though I intrinsically don’t want to volunteer he / she just goes ahead and uses my talents. I got to admit it’s kind of fun. The assignments are interesting and I don’t have to carry the "can". Heck I enjoy it. The benefits are good. I got into some situations which were due to my own stupidity. He / she arranged events and circumstances to get me out of it with a little sweat equity on my part. I don’t think that I’ll do it again!! My mantra is "Just Keep The Faith Baby!!"

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