Thursday, May 19, 2005

It’s Time Again

Scientists have been looking for something called the Theory of Everything. The Theory of Everything is supposed to be able to explain everything that exists in this universe with a little equation tweaking. I suspect that The Theory of Everything is linked to the fundamental concept that Time is a wave that cannot be subdivided into elements or particles. Time can also be visualized as a multidimensional dinner plate that carries events, space, energy, particles, on its’ surface. Time is similar to a tectonic dinner plate that carries continents and oceans around on earth. Time on a universe scale carries the planets and galaxies around on universal dinner plates. If Time is to hold events, space, energy, particles, on its’ surface then it has to have quantum gravity and as the galaxy is expanding then the plates have to have a quantum repulsive force. Quantum Time Gravity has yet to be observed but I suspect that it is around 1/EXP(137) or 3.17436E-60 which I explained in a previous posting. The quantum repulsive force between individual Time Plates is about 1.01043E-60 which will be explained in a future posting. The Time Plates obtain their quantum repulsive energy by taking the energy binding the events, space, energy, particles together on its’ surface and using the obtained quantum energy for expansion. This taking of quantum energy from the Time Plate surface causes chaos or deterioration on the Time Plate surface which we all have experienced in one way or another. Although each Time Plate is separate, it does have the same quantum gravity and therefore we have the illusion on a universal scale that Gravity travels faster than light but in actual fact it is always part of a Time Plate and to state the obvious doesn’t travel unless particles move on the individual Time Plate. Rapid acceleration temporarily deforms the Time Plate and relativistic velocity deforms the Time Plate creating the illusion of a Quantum Gravity Wave. Observers on different Time Plates see things happening on other Time Plates exactly the same way because Quantum Time Plate Gravity is consistent for each plate and carries the information to the observer at the same speed from the deforming Time Plate. This concept is similar to Einstein’s "Frames".

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