Sunday, September 02, 2012

Time Is Also Dark Matter & Dark Energy

Time, dark matter and dark energy are all different aspects of the same thing. We can't see time nor can we see dark matter or dark energy. Time in our real world moves horizontally outward similar to dark matter and dark energy. Time like dark energy tends to pull things apart which we see as entropy. You and I age and material things such as cars deteriorate and fall apart. Most of your and my life is spent repairing and replacing things that have reached the end of their life cycle. Everything, including you and I, through the passage of time, tend to get further and further from the beginning and closer and closer to the end. If we mark something on earth in terms of its location, we find that its' location from where you and I are located, changes because the land ( tectonic plates ) float changing their positions. Dark matter is rolled up dark energy which we see as anchoring the planets and galaxies in position and also as extra mass or weight. Rolled up dark energy or dark matter is approximately 70% of the universe which we can't see since our eyes function using photons or light. The expansion of the universe seems to be accelerating because the more it expands the faster it appears to accelerate from our perspective. The same phenomena seems to be happening to you and I. The more we age the faster psychological time travels or accelerates. Time in the quantum world tends to anchor energy and rolled up energy in place which we see as particles. There isn't any travel through space in the quantum world, so space tends to act as a location marker. Time in the quantum world involves the past, present and future. Quantum time shows all the states, possibilities and information at the same time. This process is called superposition and is equivalent to our being able to go anywhere at any time under all conditions in our real world of space. Another concept in the quantum world is superlocation. Since travel through space doesn't physically exist in the quantum world more than one thing can exist at the same spot or location. This is somewhat equivalent in the real word to being able to build something like a house at the same ( x, y, z ) location using different materials. Travel in the quantum world is done through three processes. One is the accumulation of enough energy to jump to the next orbit which is seen when electrons jump from a lower orbit to a higher orbit. If the electron loses energy, it jumps to a lower orbit and releases energy. Since travel through space in the quantum world doesn't exist, energy is released in the form of a single line spectrum. The second process is called entanglement, because the quantum world can't move through physical space because physical space doesn't exist . If I have a quantum particle here and another particle over there, I can entangle my particle with the other particle to make both particles have the same states, possibilities, and information at the same time. The states of the quantum particles refer to their properties. The possibilities mean that the quantum particles can exist in the past, present and future all at the same time which are the three stages of time. The particle information means that all information exists about the particle at the same time in the past, present and future but this information is dependent on the observer. The third process of quantum world travel is through the observer and his / her interaction with the particle's information. This process is equivalent to Einstein's Theory Of Relativity in our real world which essentially depends on the observer and his / her interpretation of what he / she sees and the individual reality that is created. Witnesses to a traffic accident are examples of this phenomena. We also have molecules in the quantum world. Since space only exists as a location in the quantum world and not something that has to be physically traveled through to get from here to there, the molecules exist in the form of a cloud. Quantum time binds these molecules together. Clouds of electrons orbit these molecules and it is these clouds of electrons that allow chemical reactions to take place. If these clouds of electrons accumulate sufficient energy they jump from orbit to orbit since travel through physical space doesn't exist. If the electrons lose energy, they jump to a lower orbit. The escaping energy appears as a single definite line spectrum and not smeared because physical travel through space doesn't exist. Radioactivity is the leakage of ionizing particles because the atom held together by quantum time is unstable. A nuclear explosion occurs when the quantum time holding the molecules together is broken which converts quantum time into dark energy and dark matter.

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