Friday, February 03, 2012

The Universe Is Built On Strings

Here is how the universe is constructed using strings. Space consists of layers of strings. If something moves through space it flexes the layers of strings creating gravity. Mass is a ball of string. The mass or ball of string distorts the space's layers of strings which results in the illusion of mass, weight and gravity. Force is simply the effects of curved strings or the velocity or acceleration of strings . Time follows the curve of strings which gives us the illusion of time speeding up or slowing down due to the effects of gravity or flexed strings around an object or mass . If a mass or weight has a velocity or acceleration it flexes strings of space which we see as a wave . If the wave is flexed in a pattern we can send out information to a receiver similar to a radio or television . If someone is charismatic , it means they have an influence on the strings of space which surround them . Einstein said that a mass curves space , but it's really that a mass curves strings of space . Dark energy and dark matter are really strings of time which are still seen in the quantum world . There are only strings of time in the quantum world and not strings of space which means everything is instantaneous and has superposition or occupies the same location / position because space doesn't exist . Gravity is the weakest force because it depends on the curvature of the strings of space and not energy which powers velocity and acceleration . Time doesn't have an associated force but it's velocity varies because it follows the curvature of the strings of space .

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