Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Quantum World With Quantum Time

If we accept the view that the quantum world hasn't any physical space as we understand / know it then anything in the quantum world doesn't have to travel through space to go from A to B because space doesn't exist. The quantum world is essentially governed by quantum time which has a bigger role there than as simply a marker in our world . The fun part of our universe is that we can write equations for things that may or may not exist . That is why we have to do experiments to prove / modify theories as well as to see if what the manufactured equation says is true is actually true. In the quantum world run by quantum time we have instantaneous happenings because the quantum world is spaceless meaning there is nothing to travel through to get from A to B. If quantum time is popping up phenomena all over the place and space is non-existent then we are going to have instances of entanglement and superposition when two or more things hit the same spot at the same time . Since we don't have space , we can't have particles or waves which we see in our world as requiring space . We do, however, have a fluctuation / disturbance in quantum time which we can possibly measure mathematically by modifying an equation usually used elsewhere . This is the advantage of our universe . Teleportation / Information sending is a use of quantum time providing we don't entangle or superimpose with something else. The downside is that when we come to read the transmission we interfere with quantum time and create noise .

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