Sunday, December 25, 2011

Time Is Gravity, Entropy, Chaos In Disguise

Gravity appears to us as a weak force, but it is really the effects of time in disguise. Einstein said that mass bends space around the mass and that mass and energy are the same thing in two forms. The more that the mass / energy flexes the space string, the greater the gravity which is seen by us as a force . Time follows the flexed space string at differing velocities depending on the amount of flex in the space string near the mass / energy . Time has a numerical value of nine ( 9 ) and can be broken up into 9 segments ( 1/9 ). The 9 segments can have different velocities and can effect what happens. We can see this phenomena in our own life. Each of us, have adventures in life which may appear spontaneous or random . The things that happen to you or I aren't always at the same time. This is because the energy around us is flexed arbitrarily by either outside , random , or self induced actions that flexes the energy string . If you and I experience the same thing, the length of time may be different because the time segments travel at different speeds. In addition, if something bad happens, it usually follows in units of three ( 3 ), because the universe runs on the number three ( 3 ) and tries to stabilize around the number three ( 3 ) when things get out of whack.

In summary:

1. Mass
2. Weight
3. Time

are all related to space strings. If the space strings flex, time follows the flexed string at different velocities and we see the effects of this flexing as gravity if a mass is involved or entropy / chaos if a mass isn't involved but the results are mild or severe.

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