Friday, December 09, 2011

Being Good

I got to thinking about being good. For most people, the connotation of being good is equivalent to having a dull and boring life. Most religions stress the need to be good in life and to help others. I also got to thinking about God or in other words the person who designed this universe so you and I would have a reasonable chance of survival. Looking at it from a science perspective it suddenly occurred to me, that being good is necessary to survive. Our universe is filled with energy and mass. Einstein said that energy and mass are equivalent which means that energy and mass can be converted from one to the other and back again. String theory says that all the energy is basically in the format of a string. A vibrating string in a loop gives the mass including us its' properties and behavior. A flexed string around a mass, such as the earth gives the earth its' gravity. The wind or other force is simply strings of energy or mass in motion. Velocity or acceleration is just a form of rolled up energy string ( think car here ) disturbing the energy fields as the mass ( car ) moves along. You and I are essentially a mass doing its' own thing by moving in a space occupied by strings. If we design something such as a car we have to round out its' rough edges so it won't cause any disturbance to the energy strings commonly known as turbulence. Similarly we want to round out our own rough edges in order to be acceptable to other people. Time in our universe is just energy that is still creating strings of space from dark energy and dark matter as it moves in a forward direction. Sometimes dark energy and dark matter break off from time before it gets converted into space. This broken off dark energy and dark matter sometimes brings disaster to ordinarily good people. This is the chance that keeps our world from getting too dull.

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