Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Universe Is Built On Strings

There is an old joke which said that all the things I needed to know were covered in kindergarten. Strings appear to be in that category. If you try to measure the definitive length of a string you will find that the task is impossible. First of all the string isn't rigid so you don't know where it begins and ends. Secondly, the length of the string depends on your measuring instrument. Different measuring instruments give different results. To add to the fun, the measuring instrument is not always accurate. Lastly the measurer may need glasses or alternately disturbs the measurement when he observes it ( quantum measurement ). If you tie the ends of a string so it forms a loop and vibrate it, you have illustrated that vibrating strings have different properties when they vibrate and by extension represent different things. For instance, metals, bricks, sand, etc. all look different to each of us because we can't see all their detail. If you hold a string straight it represents quantum time which doesn't have space. Therefore, without space to travel through, in the quantum world, you have cloning, entanglement and superposition .Everything is instantaneous and reproducable without space,having to be traveled and superposition because everything can be in the same location because there is no space to interfere with location. If you hold a string in an arc without moving it, you have gravity which is otherwise inertia. The closer the ends of the string are together in a loop the stronger the gravity ( inertia ). If a string is held in a loop and moved while in a loop, the movement of the string represents entropy, force, acceleration and velocity. The best demonstration of this phenomena is watching a car accelerate from a standing start. First of all the back end dips until the force of gravity or inertia is broken. Then entropy, force, acceleration and velocity happen. You can see this phenomena as soon as the front end of the car comes down and entropy, acceleration and velocity begin. Entropy is the deterioration of the car from position to position as it goes down the track. You and I can't see it because we can't see fine detail.

In summary:

1. A straight string represents spaceless quantum time leading to cloned copies, entanglement and superposition.

2. A tied vibrating looped string represents various properties which we see as things ( bricks, buildings, people ).

3. A static untied looped string represents gravity and inertia.

4. A dynamic, moving untied looped string represents entropy, force, velocity and acceleration.

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