Monday, October 25, 2010

The Third Mathematics

You can make long lists of just about everything, but when it comes down to a serious decision the lists can be grouped into three essentials. For instance, if you are considering going into business it all comes down to:

1. Product
2. Market
3. Financing

Similarly, you and I, structurally, come down to:

1. Skeleton - Frame
2. Nerves - Electrical
3. Blood Supply – Tubing

Mathematics also comes down to:

1. Numbers
2. Symbols
3. Formulas

Reading comes down to:

1. Words - Numbers
2. Letters - Symbols
3. Meaning - Formula

The interpretation of mathematics and reading is generally linear or in other words straight across. Some languages are read vertically which is essentially linear in a vertical direction. If you have the number 7918 in front of you and someone comes along and says the number is wrong and should be 7916, you generally rub it out and write 7916. You do it this way because you have been taught to think of numbers linearly. The third mathematics is thinking of a number as a string which in the case of number 7916 is the number 7, 9, 1, 6 linked together in a string. If you link them together in a string you can add the numbers 7, 9, 1, 6 which in this case total 23.

Number------String 1


You can also keep adding the string number digits until they are in one column .

String 1-------String 2


The number 7916 has the strings 23 and 5 as its' tail.

The string can be subtracted from the Number which forms the frame.

Number-----String 1--Frame 1

The frame is also the area in which the number is located.

The universe consists of 3 strings:

1) Time String
2) Energy String
3) Space String

The time string which has neither energy or space has the value 9 while the universe, in general is based on the number 3.

If you divide the frame by 9 you get the space string or height for that particular number.

Frame 1------Space 1


Frame 2-------Space 2


The space string is also the height of the field around the number ( 7916 ) on its' string 23 or 5. The number 7916 can be anywhere in the frame which brings in Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle says that it is impossible to simultaneously determine both the position and momentum of an electron or any other particle with any great degree of accuracy or certainty. This principle is not a statement about the the researcher's limitations but is a statement about the system's limitations due to quantum mechanic equations. The energy string is associated with quantum mechanics and quantum theory. The energy string has quantum force, but neither time nor space. If the energy string has inward quantum force ( >------< ) then it is the strong nuclear force holding atoms together. If the energy string has outward quantum force ( <-----> ) then it is the weak nuclear force which allows reactions to happen without destroying the nucleus of the atom. If the energy string is flexed then it acts as gravity. This principle is similar to Einstein's Theory Of Relativity except that he explained it in terms of large masses ( particles / objects ) whereas I explain it in terms of strings, however, the overall principle is the same.

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