Friday, October 22, 2010

In The Beginning

The initial expansion of the universe was the result of time strings. Time strings are action at a distance even though time strings don’t contain energy or space. The expansion using time strings was instantaneous and far reaching. Some of the time strings remained and other time strings were converted into potential energy strings. Potential energy strings are essentially static force strings. Inward operating static force potential energy strings are the strong nuclear force. Outward operating static force potential energy strings are the weak nuclear force which allows molecules to interact with other molecules in chemistry and metallurgy. Potential energy strings are not absolutely straight but tend to flex which creates the phenomena of gravity. The last string to form from some of the time strings was the space string. The space string is the dynamic force string. The space string gives us velocity, acceleration and inertia. The formation of the space string allowed all the strings to form bumps. These bumps could be particles, objects, actions or events. Each particle, object, action or event has a string associated with it. These tails allow the particle, object, action or event to interact with its’ surroundings. The tails also mean that the particle, object, action, or event can be examined through their respective tails. For instance, light which is mostly seen as a particle or quanta, also can be seen as a wave which is essentially its’ tail vibrating. The universe is based on the number 3. In mathematics you have numbers / formulas, lengths / calculus, and lastly digits / strings. Digits / strings link numbers to their strings and frame or state / space. Digit /strings are similar to the action of time strings. If you change digit(s) in the digit string through observation / measurement you change the number / string / frame which is similar to the action at a distance in a time string. The universe is based on the number 3, which means you have essentially 3 possibilities to consider, yes ( 1 ), no ( 0 ) and maybe ( ½. ) . The Schrodinger thought experiment considered two possibilities, that being whether or not the cat was alive or dead ( 1 or 0). The third possibility was that the cat was neither alive nor dead which was ( ½ ) . The universe didn’t close after the big bang so we see time, energy, and space strings as they initially existed which is the basis of quantum theory and quantum mechanics. Time has the value 9. The potential energy string has the value of the particle / length of height which usually has a value just over 9.. The space height is calculated by dividing the frame by 9. The frame has the same area but can have any shape through which it can vibrate properties.

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