Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time Travel Without Paradoxes

There are no paradoxes in time travel. Energy and Time are the same thing in our universe although we may call them different things at different times. Energy and Time do not possess space although they do travel through space according to our perceptions. Here is a way to look at it. If a murder is committed, that murder leaves traces in energy and time that it was committed. The investigators in the present come in and if their skills are sufficient, they can reconstruct what happened. If we could move backward in time, we could see the murder committed in that particular backward space even though the murdered person in our present existing space no longer existed. This is true because what we would be seeing is the residual image of that murdered person in that space and time and not how he or she was dead in present time. Similarly, if we went backward in time and saw ourselves, we would only be looking at our residual image. It would be similar to looking at a movie which had a long dead star in it. We would be seeing him or her how he or she existed in the time and space of that shot movie. We couldn’t physically destroy ourselves in the past because what we are seeing / experiencing is only an image in time and energy similar to a hologram. Paradoxically, our future selves may be observing ourselves, which we can’t see as we are only an energy and time image to them. Similarly moving forward in time, we would only be seeing an image of ourselves in the future.


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Really good post.. Reminds me of the movie Minority Report!