Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Baggy Diapers

Particles are at the root of our understanding and explanation of the universe. Energy and Time are the same thing in our universe although we may call them different things at different times. Energy / Time in our universe is represented by the single digit number ( 9 ). Particles are really rolled up strings. Each particle has a surrounding frame which we see as a wave if it is moving, or weight (mass) if it is still. We can travel through space but we can’t travel through time or energy. Our space is anchored at both ends of time and energy. If space is longer than time and energy it curves like baggy diapers. The baggy diaper curve is weight / mass or gravity depending on its’ location in the universe. The baggy diaper curve edge is a trajectory in space irrespective of the location of that space in the universe. If space is shorter than time and energy, then time and energy adjusts its’ unit lengths. We see this phenomena as the common battery voltages of 1.5, 3 and 9.

Thus you will see that:

1. Weight
2. Mass
3. Gravity

are essentially the same thing under different names depending on the circumstances.

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