Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Past, Present, Future

Everything in this universe is divided into 3’s and past, present, and future is no exception. The past, from a mathematical perspective, is based on the number 3 and geometrically speaking on the 3 sided triangle. The present is based on the number "1" or what exists at this instance. The present from a philosophical viewpoint can be considered as being in Slices Of Now or a series of "1’s" (ones) of various duration. Each of us in the present live in frames which have an area of 9 square units or 2 sides of a length of 3. For the philosophical inclined these 9 square units are our Substance Of Being. The future is probably the most fascinating concept of all. None of us can see the future in terms of specifics. We can see the future in terms of generalities / goals / objectives / etc. which may or may not happen. Therefore the future is statistical in nature. The future can be controlled to a limited extent by influencing the energy fields around us. God, in her wisdom / purpose, has arranged for books /religious leaders / religions / philosophers / writers / thinkers etc.. over the millennia to come and teach us how to control those energy fields. It basically all boils down to do onto others as you would have them do onto you or as I like to think of it "Do onto others before they do you" (just kidding)!!!

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