Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Count Was Correct

The Past is based on the number 3. The strongest form of construction is based on anything using triangles which are 3 sided figures. Pyramids are an example of a 4 sided figure, based on one gigantic triangle per side. Safety is based on the number 3. In a bygone era, all young ladies of breeding were accompanied on a date by a chaperone. You therefore, had the young lady of virtue, her suitor / date of unknown proclivities and the chaperone providing safety, totaling 3 people in the little group. If you are designing a system, you have to have 3 systems, the main operating system and 2 separate backup systems for the main system totaling 3 separate systems in all for maximum efficient safety. Well known people, seem to die in 3’s over a relatively short period of time. If you start to have bad luck / things go wrong, bad luck / things going wrong will total 3 things / incidences. Any problem to be solved has 3 critical factors which you can discover if you can define the problem accurately through a specific question. This universe is divided into past, present, and future which totals 3. If you buy an electrical device that uses batteries, buy one running on 3 volts ( 2 - 1.5 volt batteries) as a 3 volt system will last longer when compared to other voltages. This phenomena happens because the universe tends to stabilize around the number 3. It appears the Count in Sesame Street was right when he said " This Universe Is Brought To You By The Number 3".

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