Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Karma and All That Jazz

If someone / something / some country / etc. / etc. has the skill / power / will / laissez faire attitude to do something then you will find that over time it / they will do it / it will happen. Everything is this world deteriorates naturally whether it's us / morals / events / etc... Just remember that one person’s terrorist, whether behind the scenes or not, is another person’s freedom fighter. Rich people accumulate wealth as a marker for their success. Countries expand / protect their interest or die. Governments have to be seen to be doing something so the most popular thing is to meddle in principle if not in fact. It’s the old Conservation Of Energy principle in human affairs. Energy can be converted but not destroyed. Therefore if a country does / rules do / I do / onto you, then some thing / some entity / some organization /someone else has to be inconvenienced or events altered. The Karma thingy is simply another name for the Principle of Conservation Of Energy in another disguise.

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