Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Theory Of Everything

If there is a Theory Of Everything, then whatever it is has to have a basic structure that can be applied to everything. Mathematicians see it as a universal mathematical formula. Philosophers see it as a basic principle that you can apply to everything if you change the words to correspond to whatever you are writing / explaining whether it be physical / social / relationships / etc.. In short, no matter who you are it can be used for everything. The physical interests me so I’ll explain it that way. This universe is made up of massive things, not so massive things, little things and quantum things. It is generally agreed that energy is what makes this universe rock. No one knows quite exactly what energy is in physical terms. Energy is the fundamental building block of this universe. Energy can be in the form of particles, strings or frames. Energy in the form of a string when it moves has a wave like leading edge that appears to us as a force. If the energy is accelerating it picks up additional energy. Things that move / accelerate lose form because as things move the energy holding them together has to be used for movement / acceleration. At low velocities this phenomena is not readily seen. Energy in the form of a clump can be a particle / object or a living entity. Energy can form a frame in which all kinds of interesting things happen. Your and my body can be considered to be a frame in which interesting stuff goes on including thinking. Space, time and gravity are examples of frames as processes. Energy in the form of a string is a charge. Electrical energy or voltage is really a series of stacked strings in a frame which we call a battery. Energy in the form of a clump appears to us as a mass from a distance but as a charge if we could see it in a quantum vacuum. Space, Time, Gravity, are essentially frames that anchor energy as a string. These strings have the ability to clump into particles which we see as quantum particles / planets etc.. These clumps wink in and out of existence at different speeds depending on whether they represent a quantum particle / planet / universe or even you and I. String clumps on a massive scale create gravity when they cause the strings anchored to a frame to flex / oscillate. String clumps on a minute scale create charge when they cause the strings anchored to a frame to flex / oscillate such as in an electrical field or as a quantum vacuum phenomena. Since both processes are essentially equivalent in principle, the mathematics for the phenomena are essentially the same. It also doesn’t particularly matter whether you call it charge / mass / gravity as the principle is the same even though the outcome is different. Space is a series of strings in a frame causing a particle to travel along a string. On a gross scale we see these strings as orbits for planets. On a minute scale, we see these movements as Brownian as the particles on the strings bounce around. On a quantum scale we see the strings as trails as the particles traveling along the string at or near the speed of light can’t be seen. Time is a series of strings anchored in a frame and when these strings clump as particles they give the illusion of something happening at different speeds within the time frame. Inertia in space, gravitational mass, oscillation, time differences caused by particles is all essentially the same depending on the function at the time. Same principle, different name!!!!

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