Thursday, July 27, 2006

World Of Now

Each of us, whether or not we realize it or not, live physically in the world of "Now". Life, however, occupies the past, present and future because each of us has a Soul, courtesy of The Second Lady. The Soul has the ability to exist in different dimensions. The 3 dimensions, length, width and height, in which we primarily physically exist called "Now" permits us to live in the "present", recall the past and speculate about the future. The future is not fixed because we also have a fourth dimension called Time. Its’ function in the scheme of things is to randomize and carry "Now" in a forward direction but not with our "imagined" or "unimagined" future intact. So my friends, the beat goes on into the great unknown!!!!


chaitü said...

live in present.
that's a good one.

Vanathi said...