Friday, July 07, 2006

Becoming One

There is a difference between inspiration and transformation. Inspiration moves us to do and be more without any fundamental change. Transformation, on the other hand, is a gateway or door to something better. Most of us want to be transformed rather than be inspired. Perhaps inspiration is the precursor to being transformed. Transformation is fundamentally a purpose driven life that reaches out to others without regard for ourselves. A sort of you relationship. Inspiration is a me relationship. We’re inspired to collect things which we then must protect. People start to measure us in terms of our possessions and accomplishments. Our prestige in the community is directly proportional to our possessions and accomplishments. Those possessions and accomplishments don’t make us happy because we are still the same old, same old. Inspiration involves a warped kind of love. We love to have possessions and accomplishments. We love another person in a me - me relationship. Our love survives as long as each person gets something out of it. If we don’t or the something ceases to exist we both go elsewhere. Transformation, on the other hand, is a you-you relationship. We must involve our Souls. If our Souls aren’t interested then our love for each other is limited to our physical bodies which deteriorate like everything else including relationships on this side of reality. If our Souls like each other, than our physical reality based body is dragged into the relationship whether we like it or not. Our Souls clue in our mind that exists on this side of Now. Thus both the Temporary Bodies and the Permanent Souls become "1".

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