Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Life’s Engine

Life’s engine is an illusion. First of all, we can’t read other people’s minds so we don’t know whether or not they love us. We start out knowing nothing except for the basic instincts for survival to get us started. We depend on someone else to teach us and to guide us. Hopefully, they have a life experience beyond the superficial. We live in a world which is essentially one of learning by doing and stumbling. We see things that turn out not to be true. The world appears to be flat, yet the world is round. The stars come out at night, yet are there all the time. The moon is always round yet changes shape. The Christian Bible says we are at the center yet we are on a tiny planet in a non -descript area of the galaxy. Business and life is 99% bullshit and 1% truth and genuine affection. We spend 50% of our time hanging upside down because the world rotates yet we don’t fall. Life’s engine has just got to be faith and trust.


Jane said...

It's so strange we don't fall... Thank you for your constant support and kind words,

the pixie-child

shyloh said...

Alex this is excellent. I am very impressed with this one.

I have missed you.