Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Greatest Gift

Love is the greatest gift. Love is the only "you" relationship. If your love is real, your individual survival instinct goes out the window. Only the other person is important. You don’t "own" the person you love. You don’t "demand" anything of the other person. You don’t "pressure" the other person. You don’t need to "know" the history of the other person. The Second Lady has brought two people together in a seamless effort. It just happens. Regardless, of the future or what comes, that love is eternal and whether other things are created or fade away really doesn’t make a pinch of difference in the long term. If true love does happen, you realize that it is the most powerful sensation on earth. Love is the engine that will drive your life to a greater understanding of the ultimate unconditional love between The Second Lady and the world. She has given you a small slice of it to carry in your heart forever.


shyloh said...

Awee love is freedom. And you are so right. IT is about the other. Being selfless is what I practice always.

shyloh said...

ALex what happened to my silent moment?? Nothing is there. Humm hope it is the site geesh.

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