Friday, July 17, 2015


You and I are solid objects that live in a space-time world. We move through a field of space using co-ordinates (x, y, and z) at time (t) to locate our position in a forward moving direction. Time (t) is really a marker as we can’t travel through time nor can we change it in any way except by altering the time we do something. For instance, you and I can meet at a restaurant in the middle of the country whose co-ordinates are (x, y, z) at time (t). There are also other people in the restaurant at time (t) at internal restaurant co-ordinates (x, y, and z). To state the obvious, they cannot stand on exactly the same spot we are standing on because only one solid object can be standing on one (x, y, and z) co-ordinate at the same time (t) with a gravity value (g). In simple terms gravity (g) is normal space energy but doesn’t become apparent to us until a depression caused by an object at some location (x, y and z) in our field of space (s) at time (t).  A favourite example is a large mass (m) like the earth which is located at some location (x, y, and z) in our universe at time (t). In other words a mass (earth) flexes the energy in our space (field) at time (t) or at some space-time which creates a force (g). We call this force gravity (g). The quantum world is the reverse of the real world. Space only exists as a marker in the quantum world similar to time in our real world. Since these bundles of energy can travel in multiple directions through time as a quantum wave (w) they can appear at several quantum (x, y and z) locations which function as markers in the quantum world. This is possible because time (t) has only a past, present or future without a definite corresponding space (s) location. The quantum energy field also exists which has its’ own quantum gravity value (g) associated with that particular quantum energy particle.  Quantum objects travel as waves through time. It all comes down to the old tree and forest conundrum. We have compared gravity in different locations (x, y, and z) at different times (t) in our real and quantum worlds. You have seen that both are equivalent, yet different, because our real world is primarily location based (x, y, and z) at different times (t) whereas our quantum world is time based (t) at different locations (x, y and z). Therefore we have the same, yet different trees depending on their locations, time and function  in the real and quantum world and the forest is the same in function and principle depending on its’ location, time and function in the real and quantum worlds. When we look at the quantum world from our space- time world an automatic conversion must occur to something we can understand and interpret in our space-time world. Since only one solid object can exist at location (x, y, and z) at time (t) with a gravity value (g) in our space-time world the choice is either the quantum energy bundle (particle) or its’ corresponding energy wave.


1.       Both real world and quantum worlds have gravity fields.

2.       Both real world and quantum world objects / energy packets have gravity.

3.       Both real world and quantum world locations / time have gravity.

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