Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Time is the basis of everything. When the universe was initially created, time separated out into dark matter, dark energy and string space. Dark matter acts like a thick honey which tends to keep everything in its' place like inertia. Dark Energy acts as an accelerator for the universe. String space when forming circles creates things and the string's circular vibration creates different characteristics which we see as that thing's properties. Unattached curved strings, when vibrating, appear to us a waves which when modulated transmit information. Radios use that technology. A non-vibrating curved string is gravity or mass. Inertia is related to the mass of the object. Spaceless time from another universe that existed before the creation of our universe is now our quantum world. In the quantum world there is time but not space. Einstein spoke of spooky action at a distance which is true in the abstract but not existing physically. If space doesn't exist in the quantum world, you don't have any delays. The absence of space means you can have superposition because more than one thing can exist literally on / in the same spot. You can also have entanglement which means that if something happens in one location the something immediately happens / clones in the other location. This happens because the something doesn't have to travel through physical space. The speed of change is infinite ( timeless ), because the limitation on the speed of light only applies when it is moving through space and not time. To take it one step further, suppose that something went wrong and spaceless time in another universe cloned space creating an expanding bubble resulting in our universe. Since our space includes classical time, and at the time of the creation of our universe everything wasn't immediately converted there would be more space than we first calculated from our perspective of logical events. Also not all the time would be converted which meant dark time, dark matter and dark energy still exists. In fact there is much more dark time, dark matter and dark energy in comparison to matter and anti-matter.

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