Monday, September 19, 2011

Theory Of Everything

Here's The Theory Of Everything in a nutshell without the mathematics. The classical world that you and I see every day consists of:

1. Time
2. Energy / Weight / Mass
3. Space

Einstein in his equation E = MC^2 said that energy and mass were equivalent. Weight is the pull of gravity on an object. That is why Newton's apple fell from the tree since the pull of the earth ( gravity ) is greater than the pull of the apple ( gravity ) on the earth. Mass is the same thing as weight without gravity pulling on you and I. As far as space is concerned, Einstein said that space doesn't exist unless something extends into it. If you look at something you are extending your sight ( observation ) into space. If you drive a car you are extending it into space ( distance ). If we didn't have space there wouldn't be velocity, acceleration or force ( Force = Mass X Acceleration ( into space) ). Time is a marker for something happening ( The apple fell from the tree at 2:00 a.m.. ). Time is also a measure of distance ( I traveled 30 kilometers / miles in 30 minutes ).

In the quantum world there is time but not space. Einstein spoke of spooky action at a distance which is true in the abstract but not existing physically. If space doesn't exist in the quantum world, you don't have any delays. The absence of space means you can have superposition because more than one thing can exist literally on / in the same spot. You can also have entanglement which means that if something happens in one location the something immediately happens / clones in the other location. This happens because the something doesn't have to travel through physical space. The speed of change is infinite ( timeless ), because the limitation on the speed of light only applies when it is moving through space and not time. Information also travels using the same principle. If we attempt to measure the quantum / spaceless world from our classical / space world, by using particles ( light / x-ray etc. ) we disturb the something we are measuring by adding quanta / energy ( particles ) to it. This energy addition changes the original quantum something so that we aren't measuring the original.

In summary quantum time world without classical space is:

1. Cloning
2. Superposition
3. Entanglement

In summary our classical world is:

1. Time
2. Space
3. Energy / Weight / Mass

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