Friday, January 22, 2010

Quantum Theory In A Nutshell

Particles, objects, events and messages are rolled up strings containing unknown information . If the strings are rolled out they contain unlimited information in holographic form which occupies a unit of space / time equal to nine. The information is held in space / time due to the actions of inertia. An opposing entropic force acts on the information which tends to pull it apart. The back and forth pull flexes the constant length of the string . This action creates a phenomena which we see as heat / temperature and gravity.. The heat and temperature is similar to thermodynamics and the entropic forces similar to hydrodynamics since the information on the string is disturbed / scrambled., It can therefore be said that gravity depends on the infinite information contained in the string. An example of information on a string is a word. Each letter is equivalent to a particle which strung together on a string creates information which we call a string.. If the word is written on a piece of paper , inertia holds it together. Eventually the entropic forces tear the paper apart leaving scrambled or no information. The string can be stretched on the horizon of a Black Hole but paradoxically its’ value doesn’t change. This action is similar in principle to a red or blue shift. In the world we see strings containing information function as forces, gravity and bonds. Particles are the molecules containing rolled up properties which aren’t easily discernible. Particles can be assembled in any configuration such as strings and lattices. Nuclear energy .is an extreme example of particles held together by extreme inertial forces that can only be ripped apart by highly heated entropic forces. This is why an atomic bomb is required to set off a hydrogen bomb. This process is nuclear fission which releases vast amounts of energy when the inertial string is broken . The opposite extreme is nuclear fusion which is the joining of strings which results in the controlled / gradual release of energy. Nuclear fusion is difficult to achieve because the strings are flexible and don’t want to join. Therefore, Quantum Theory is essentially all about information in a ball or spread out into a string. The manipulation of this information by inertia and entropic forces results in gravity, and everything else we need on a macroscopic scale including civilization

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