Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yes, No, Maybe

Most of us, if asked, would probably say that the world is based on the number 2. We have the fraction ½. Most of algebra, which we can solve without going nuts, is based on a function of x ( f(x)) raised to the power of 2. Probability based on a gut feeling without facts is usually represented by ½. Most of us can remember 2 things without any problem. Rules are based on two choices ( 2 ) which are either you follow them or you don’t follow them. On the other hand most of us realize that nothing is 100%. Someone once said that the impossible does happen. One of the Impossibles is meeting a member of the opposite sex and following in love immediately. If a stranger immediately handed you a piece of paper and asked you to write down why you feel the way you do in concrete terms most of what you’d write would also apply to a friend of the opposite sex that you know you’d never marry in a million years because you don’t love them like you love this stranger in front of you. The worst thing is that for the first time in your life you realize that you have no control over it when this stranger is in front of you. If you turn into a klutz in front of this stranger then you’re in love. Most of us will try to regain our life by ignoring them but sooner or later you will realize that no one else matters like they did before you met this stranger. Sometimes we even try to studiously ignore them over time but sooner or later we realize that isn’t going to solve the problem. Worst of all if they crooked their finger at you, you’d be off with them like a shot abandoning all your principles. You have just been conked by a maybe. The universe is based on the number 3 and in this case the number 3 is (yes, no,) maybe. Maybe is the possible which has no attached facts or at least no facts until it happens to you. Most of us treat the fraction ½ as our maybe. Maybe has the fractions ¼, 1/3rd , ½ , 2/3rds and ¾’s associated with it. ¼, 1/3rd is the possibility it will never happen. 2/3rds and ¾’s is the possibility it will happen. ½ is the safe calculation that even outs over time.

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