Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Particles, Strings & Dark Stuff

This universe has particles, strings and dark stuff. At a quantum level, we talk about particles. At an eyeball level we talk about objects which is really the same as particles. Objects are such things as you and me and buildings. Things we can see and touch. Objects can also be abstract concepts like events that just happen. Math has its’ particles which are variables, unknowns, and constants. Computer programming has its’ objects. Just look at Java. Strings are a little harder to grasp. If you look at mathematics, any formula is really a string that holds some objects ( variables, unknowns and constants ) together which can be manipulated into something that provides an answer. Language consists of objects which we call letters. You arrange these letters in some combination and you have a word. The word has a meaning. You take this string of letters ( objects ) and make another string called a sentence or paragraph. This sentence, paragraph, novel, etc. or string has a meaning. The scientists have a string theory which is basically that all matter comes with strings. Ever hear of someone telling you that this gift (object) comes with strings attached??? Same principle. Black Holes, for instance, is just a bunch of compressed or intertwined strings. If that concept is correct, and if Black Holes do crazy things to gravity, time and space than it stands to reason that gravity, time and space are strings. A Black Hole generally sucks everything into it, which means, by extension, that gravity, time, and space exist as strings surrounding us even though we aren’t experiencing their existence in that form. The universe is composed of Dark Matter which we can’t see. This Dark Matter is 90% of the universe and generally keeps things in place. If things are kept in place in the universe by Strings it would seem to me that a string is dark matter and provides a path and tail for a particle or object since we can see where the object has been. A path or highway is another name for a string. Chemical bonds are a form of string acting in the same principle as gravity holding chemicals in place. If an object is an abstract event that won’t move we talk in terms of inertia which is gravity by another name. The chemical bond is formed at the string of each chemical or a compound. Essentially two strings of two different chemicals joining together. At a quantum level we have a nucleus held together by quantum strings. If we tear the string ( nuclear fission ) we create a quick release of energy which is really a series of strings gone berserk. If we develop a method for compressing a string in a nucleus without bending it, we have nuclear fusion which produces a controlled form of energy . On it goes but this essay will give you a quick overview of the concept. Just look around for some examples!!!

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