Thursday, March 20, 2008

Theory Of Everything

A Theory Of Everything has to have a basic structure that can be applied to everything. Mathematicians see it as a generalized mathematical formula that can be applied to all situations. Philosophers see it as a basic principle that you can apply to everything if you change the words to correspond to whatever you are writing / explaining whether it be physical / social / relationships / etc.. In short, no matter who you are it can be used for everything. The universe is primarily made up of particles, waves and frames. Particles have physical properties. You and I can be considered as a collection of living particles. Buildings and anything that physically exists whether solid, liquid, gas, plasma etc. is a particle or composed of particles. A wave is harder to define. It is something that doesn’t have properties that we can see. A wave is energy when stationary and a force when it is moving. Frames are something which holds particles and waves in a framework. For instance you and I are in a frame consisting of a skeleton. Hanging on the skeleton is waves / paths / wires / tubes distributing blood, air and electrical signals for communication / commands. On top of everything is a particle type brain for reasoning and automatic controls . All particles have an associated wave like a tail. In living things the tail is our charisma, personality or that mysterious thing called a life force. Things that move / accelerate lose form because as things move the energy holding them together has to be used for movement / acceleration. At low velocities this phenomena is not readily seen. Things that don’t move such as buildings tend to deteriorate because the energy holding the buildings together moves elsewhere over time since the universe cycles through order, chaos and restoration / resurrection. Where physical objects are concerned such as buildings you have to restore / repair them. Where something living is concerned and something goes wrong it’s off to the doctor or hospital. The faster you travel the more you change into a wave, until you are a wave at the speed of light. Over the speed of light you become the equivalent to a frame or in other words a Spirit or a Soul or whatever is equivalent in your religious belief system.

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