Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Smile Prescription

Take two smiles and call me in the morning because:

1 The world generally smiles with you.

2 Everyone thinks that you see something on them that isn’t right.

3 If you smile in business meetings, everyone thinks you haven’t got a proper understanding of the problem.

4 Smile at your enemies because it drives them nuts.

5 Smile when being presented with a problem, because the presenter will think you’re hopelessly stupid and will leave you alone.

6 Smile when someone explains something to you, because they will start to think that it is a simple problem to understand and they should go work it out for themselves before they end up embarrassing themselves.

7 Smile and energy / spirits / God smile on / with you.

8 Smile and everyone thinks you’re up to something fun and slightly devious.

9 Smile and give some of your facial muscles a well deserved rest.

10 Smile and everyone thinks you can handle problems.

11 Smile and everyone leaves you alone because they think you’re nuts.


Jane said...

how ironic smiling has become! :D

Alex said...

So true!!!!!