Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pencil Pusher

Here are a few hints on how The Second Lady pushed her pencil as far as numbers are concerned when she designed the universe. Everything that is "real" has either the number 3 in 1 dimension or 9 in 2 dimensions associated with it. For instance if you take any number ( ex. 237 ) and add the digits ( 2 + 3 + 7 = 12) and then subtract ( 237 - 12 = 225), you’ll find that number will always be divisible evenly by 9 or 3
( 225 / 9 = 25, 225 / 3 = 75). If a number is a Prime Number which is a number only divisible by itself and 1, the only digit in the first (units) column will be 1, 3, 7 & 9. (Example 11, 13, 17, 19).. In the quantum world you have e (the "natural" number) which is almost 3 or 2.718281828. This number can be calculated to any number of digits. Anything that has anything to do with the calculation of areas, circumferences and volumes usually has Pi associated with it. Pi is 3.141592654 or slightly over 3. This number can be calculated to any number of digits. There is a constant called the Fine Structure Constant which is the probability that an electrically charged elementary particle such as an electron will capture a photon which is a light particle. Its’ chances are around 0.007297353 in decimals. As a fraction this number is just slightly under 1 / 137 or 1 / 137.1078202. This number can be calculated to any number of digits. It seems that after deciding that Prime Numbers should end in 1, 3, 7 & 9 in the 1’s column The Second Lady took the first 3 numbers ( 1, 3, 7 ) and used 1 /137 plus a smidgen added to 137 for the Fine Structure Constant. The current value is around 1 / 137.0359 or slightly more than 3/100ths added to 137. If an element could be constructed with a molecular weight of 137 it could be used for gravity propulsion. An element with the molecular weight of 139 could move faster than the speed of light and perhaps propel us to the other galaxies in a reasonable period of time.

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WOW, I haven't a clue as to all this haha. But an interesting read.

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